People are mostly familiar with insurance policies, such as life, property, business, automobile, medical, and work. However, there are some insurance companies that grant or offer insurance policies that others may find weird and even bizarre. Below is the list of examples of insurance that you may not think is possible to get.

  • Multiple Birth

Having a child is a huge responsibility and entails more expenses for the family. More so if the mother will be having more than one baby. Thus, to make sure that a family can financially support their children, some of them purchase this kind of policy. This kind of insurance is advisable for people who have twins in their family.

  • Alien Abduction

It may sound bizarre but there are insurance companies who exploited the idea of offering a policy for people who are so obsessed with aliens. According to records, there are thousands of people who avail this policy. However, the real challenge is proving that you are truly abducted by aliens.

  • Body Parts

You may have heard that most actors, actresses, and musicians have their own diva moments. However, most people consider this insurance policy as an icing on the cake of them being snotty. Some people reason that these body parts are important for them due to their work. For example, Bruce Springsteen is an American singer so he insured his voice. There is also Troy Polamalu, a football player, who became a model for shampoo and the company insured his flowing mane.

  • Lottery

It may be one in a million chances but Lloyd’s of London is one of the insurance companies that offer assistance in case an employee wins the lottery and decided to suddenly retire. They help the company to cover the loss of productivity and the process of hiring temps and new staff.

  • Kidnapping and Ransom

Unless you are related to someone rich, influential, and famous, you should consider getting this type of policy. It is like the movie, “Man on Fire” featuring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. The insurance company will pay the ransom money and other expenses. This is usually purchased by companies for their high-profile employees.